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RWC PE - Redwood City Physical Education

Over the past few years, public education in the State of California has been saddled with severe cuts in funding, which have resulted in reduced staffing and diminished enrichment opportunities. One of the many programs eliminated and thereby contributing to some schools possibly not being able to fully meet the California State Education standard, is structured Physical Education. Serve The Peninsula, in partnership with the Peninsula Community Center, began leading a structured PE and social development program for schools serving “Socioeconomically Disadvantaged” communities in the Redwood City School District. Each student participates in the program 1 hour per week.

Serve The Peninsula’s RWC PE and Team Ascent programs each address the physical, mental and social-emotional development of the students.

Our objectives for RWC PE are to:

  • Improve school age children’s health and social wellbeing through physical fitness and mentoring
  • Provide life developmental teaching and coaching to solve problems and make good decisions