A Single Act of Compassion can Lead to an Avalanche of Change

Kennedy School

Kennedy Middle School locker rooms had older basket style lockers for the boys and girls to secure their clothes and personal items during PE and athletic practices. Unfortunately the baskets allowed easy access for theft and vandalism. In addition, the locker rooms had large windows and open doorways causing privacy concerns. Warren Sedar, Kennedy Middle School Principal, and Jan Christensen, Redwood City School District Superintendent, asked Serve The Peninsula for help. Serve The Peninsula purchased new lockers for both boys and girls locker rooms. Working closely with Don Diaz, Redwood City School District’s Director of Facilities, the students were greeted with newly remodeled locker rooms when they returned from Christmas break. According to Don, “The Kennedy Middle School Locker Room remodel set the standard for how an outside group and the District can partner together to achieve outstanding results for a school”.