A Single Act of Compassion can Lead to an Avalanche of Change

The Big C - Intentional Compassion

The required reduction in 2009 – 2010 Redwood City School District budget meant that most if not all the discretional funds elementary school principal once had in their budgets were eliminated. One overlooked impact of this reduction was brought to our attention by Mrs. Sonya Dineen, then principal of Roosevelt Elementary School. Sonya shared with us that many of the children in her school lacked even basic shoes, clothes, and supplies. This could be seen on an almost daily basis with students coming to school unable to button their pants or shoes with the toes cut out. Sonya shared how she took one of her 4th grade female students shopping for school clothes in order for her to have appropriate clothes that fit and how thrilled the young girl. Because funds were not available, Sonya paid for the girl’s clothes personally.

Over the 2010 summer, Serve The Peninsula reached out to the community for help and set up clothes closets at five elementary schools. Serve The Peninsula provided new school uniforms, shoes, backpacks and school supplies for over 1,200 students. The school principals were then able to distribute the items from the closets to the families in a grace-filled and dignified manner.