A Single Act of Compassion can Lead to an Avalanche of Change.

Our Mission

We are passionate about reaching out in relationship to the community and influencing the lives of children. Serve The Peninsula was formed in 2006 to support public schools in their mission of meeting students’ full range of developmental needs – intellectual, physical, mental, and social-emotional.

Our mission is: Find a wound and heal it. Find a need and meet it

Serve The Peninsula strives to develop and sustain a relationship of trust and understanding. We meet and correspond regularly with school leadership to understand their needs. In a meeting last spring the Roosevelt Elementary School principal described how her students were coming to school in shoes and clothes that were too small. As a result, clothes closets were set up in select schools. Recently the Hawes Elementary School principal commented that his students were coming to school so hungry his teachers were unable to teach the kids. We worked with the principal and Second Harvest Food Bank to establish monthly food distribution for the school's families. This winter after a high school principal shared her concern for the "high risk" freshman students, Serve The Peninsula developed our Team Ascent Program.

Our volunteers are frequently asked “why” -- “Why do you work so hard?” “Why are you so kind to us?” Isn’t it interesting that when others experience grace, loving-kindness, giving without asking for anything in return, the first comment is always why?

Serve The Peninsula realizes we may not have all the answers, but we work diligently to find partners to work with as the transforming agent. It takes everyone.