Taft School Mural
A Single Act of Compassion can Lead to an Avalanche of Change.
Taft StudentsServe The Peninsula was formed in 2006 to come alongside public schools and support them in their mission of meeting students full range of developmental needs -- intellectual, physical, mental, and social-emotional.
This is a time of crisis for many SF Peninsula public schools and for the children they serve.

Serve The Peninsula understands that our local public schools struggle to achieve their mission due to budget reductions, leading to resource limitations outside of their control.  Too many of our children are not completing high school, and are giving in to the temptations of gangs and a life outside of the social mainstream. Many schools are on program improvement plans due to low test scores. Teacher morale suffers as they face the challenge of an increased student population where English is not their primary language. Teachers are being asked to do more with fewer resources and reduced class time. We want to bring to bear the whole community’s resources to transform our schools during this time of need.

To tackle the crisis, we are asking communities of faith, nonprofits, and local businesses to contribute their time, treasure, and talent and join us in serving socioeconomically challenged families in Sequoia Union High School District, San Mateo, and Redwood City and Ravenswood Elementary School Districts.

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